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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  October 15, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution. sky 7 live shows us the current path of one of the north bay wildfires. in the hills above kenwood in sonoma county. >> and while fire crews report good progress, that's little relief for those still in the path of the flames. hello, i'm eric thomas. >> we begin the latest on the north bay fires. >> the tubbs fire is up to 60% contained and because of that, mandatory evacuation orders for the city of calistoga and evacuation advisory in glnapa he
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ln lifted. >> the fires have destroyed more than 3700 buildings. the death toll stands at 40 statewide. 22 of those deaths were in sonoma county. >> we have live team coverage beginning with tiffany wilson in calistoga. tiffany, i know people there are just starting to go home. but the fire is still a threat in napa. >> yes, eric, absolutely. a day filled with both signs of progress and those of continued danger. here in calistoga, a line of cars waiting to reenter as they lifted the evacuation order around 2:00 this afternoon. families were nearly giddy with excitement telling us they wanted to kiss the ground and thank first responders for saving their houses. but just a few miles away, danger still >> flashes of fire crackled under dense clouds of smoke overlooking highway 29.
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helicopters swung across the sky, dropping loads of water, trying to stop the march of flames. ed hudson and his flames watched the yaaerial onslaught from bel. >> it is a bit surreal. >> working together to fire line and rig up a shripric lett spring ler /* sprinkler system. >> he may be the only one claiming flood insurance after this. >> employees don't know when they will work again. >> it's been only a week. it seems like it's been a month of this. just everyday has been full of emotion. >> firefighters are feeling the effects of long nights on the front line. tonight the calm wind help them gain the upperhand. >> unless something changes, we will see those containment percentages go higher he and higher everyday. >> that sense of is
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seen. taking orders again today. >> it is nice to reopen and get back to a little bit of normalcy. >> people say they came for a burger he and found a sense of comfort as well. >> gives us reassurance and feeling that things are going to start to improve. >> this is a live look at downtown calistoga. it is quiet. but we have seen signs of activity. people walking down the sidewalks and although that mandatory evacuation order was lifted, officers are still checking people's ids as they enter to go back home. we will have much more on those families returning home, coming if live at 6:00. t nyin wilson, abc 7 news. >> all right, tiffany. many thanks to you. you are looking now at a map showing the latest information for acres burned and containment of several major fires. cal fire reports crews are increasing containment in many locations. the tubbs fire burned more than 35,000 acres and did major
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damage in santa rosa. now 60% contained and the atlas fire burning in napa and solano counties is now 66% contained. >> some evacuation orders lifted. other areas remain under mandatory evacuation order. you see them here on this google map, including glenwood and glen ellen. a stretch of highway 121 is closed. for some fire victims the long process of recovery is under way. today, many waited in line for some much-needed support. a local assistnce center open for the second day at old press democrat building in santa rosa. abc 7 news reporter very rona miracle is live with more on efforts there to help out. v veronica? >>. >> reporter: well, take a walk in this fountain grove neighborhood. you will see 360 degrees of destruction. many victims, like the people who live in this neighborhood, are having to wait hours in line to get the help they need. >> we lost our home and
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everything in it. >> these folks stood in line for two hours to get help from local state and federal agencies. but there's no limit on how long it will take to rebuild. >> keep in mind, everyone's situation is different. so everyone's timetable will be different. >> some are leaning on families hur a place to stay while masndsidsve evacuation centers. among the ashes, some hope is rising. in the most unexpected places. like on thursday, when the merced city fire department found this american flag. >> it had been knocked overlaying in a tree that had been burned up. >> surrounded by homes and ash, the vibrant flag was untouched until this moment when the team put it up for all to see. >> to see the red, white and blue fly with just blackened landscape behind it was powerful.
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>> and several days later that flag still flying high behind me. not unlike the strength of this community. veronica miracle, abc 7 news. >> a live look right now, in the north bay, from sky 7, you see where the flames are burning here in the ken wood area. active flames, a lot of smoke generated here and you can see just how rugged the terrain is. it is very difficult to get hand crews into here and almost impossible to get heavy equipment up here to fire lines. this may be another scene where we see air attack coming in just a few minutes. >> get together weather now. meteorologist drew tuma has a look at improving conditions for fire crews. what we want to here. >> exactly. the winds have been so favorable the past 24 hours p. they've been on the light side. they he continue to be on the light side right now. we will take you into north bay around our fires at this hour and wind are generally light. less than 10 miles per hour. there is a gust of 13 miles per hour around clear lake but that
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the exception. not the rule. future tracker wind gust showing you through the evening the winds remain light and that will continue even into monday morning as well. then we look for the week ahead and rain enters the picture. chance that the next seven days greatly increases thursday and into friday. the time line on that rain and how much rain we he could expect in that fall accuweather forecast. guys? >> thanks a lot. fire fight is improving the sonoma valley where firefighters report getting upter hand. several homes burning in the area of the woodvalley road. hundreds of residents forced to leave. cornel bernard shows us some of the destruction. >> sky 7 surveying damage of beautiful hilltop homes reduced to rubble in a matter of minutes. some of the fire damage is off level valley road. above the town of sonoma. we found this large home off level valley in uins. the only thing left, the bathroom shower enclosure. most ridge top homes were saved.
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fire crews hit two separate blazes hard despite erratic wind. the fast-moving wildfire was stopped before reaching the valley floor. >> fire activity settled down overnight that gave us a big opportunity to catch up. >> even though there is good news, mandatory evacuation orders remain in place. >> burning conditions are still bad. these areas will remain closed a little longer. >> we have pictures. we have some clothes. >> sharon grabbed what she could when she and her husband were told to leave by deputies. >> just yelling to get out. >> they have lived in their house for 39 years, and it survived. they hope to return soon. >> we thought we could come back and start cleaning up. i can imagine all of the food rotting in my refrigerator and my freezer. >> for now, ryans and their lab,
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ebony, heading it sacramento to stay with relatives. >> let's goat breaking news now. coming out of marin county where fire crews stopped a brushfire from reaching homes in novato. the fire forced people to evacuate from their homes along caramel court. officials are trying to find what sparked the fire. crews remain on the scene to deal with any hot spots. the fire moved quickly and damaged at least two homes in the hills of east san jose today. sky map shows us where this fire broke out, off mount hamilton road. people tried to use water from nearby pool to wet down a nearby house and protect it from the flames. investigators are looking for  what sparked the fire. sky 7 did find downed power lines but investigators are still checking on what caused
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the fire. >> we have updates tonight on some other major wildfires burning in california, including one in mendocino county where 2,000 people remain out of their homes. they are getting new help this week. >> oh, my god, dude. >> death-defying escape from flames. flames. more on the moment one m at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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going back to the north bay from sky 7, showing you the wildfire situation. this is in the hills above kenwood in sonoma county. we saw bright flames. what we saw is a preponderance of smoke. we don't know he if that's because the wind died down or firefighters managed to get in there and do what they can do to stall this fire from running uphill but we will keep monitoring it and let you know what happens. >> meantime, firefighters also continue to battle fires in lake and mendocino counties.
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red wood valley fire burned 35,000 acres and is 35% contained. sulfur fire burned more than 2,000 acres and is 75% contained. >> lake county authorities tell us about 150 structures were destroyed in the sulfur fire. all evacuation orders have been lifted and crews are continuing damage assessments. law enforcement is patrolling areas 24 hours a day in case of any looting. >> there are those that can take advantage of those that are less fortunate. we provide the public an ef effort to combat problems. >> there were some mandatory evacuations but those orders have been lifted. >> at least eight people have died in the fire in mendocino county. as containment grows, some evacuation orders are lifted p the sheriff's office says some parts of potter valley are being
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repopulated but the areas repopulated do he remain under evacuation warning. >> a local assistance center will open in yew kiea. people can apply for replacement vital records, get help with food, clothing, temporarily housing and more. >> this is riveting. roommates from loeama rica madea dramatic escape as cascade fire closed in. >> we're going to die, dude! we got to get out of here. >> we shouldn't be driving into this gorge. >> the roads are on fire. >> right in front of us. push through. push through the gate. >> i can't get through there. >> they did get out of this but one of the men said it was the scariest three minutes of his
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life. >> talk about too close for comfort. >> you bet. >> turning the corner against the fight against the flames. ahead, an update from cal fire on the north bay fire fight. >> also, pony ride. a look at the more unusual animal rescues from those fires. >> and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. air quality for the second half of the weekend. winds relaxed and now tracking a chance for some showers. we will detail the time line
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welcome back. a look from sky 7 where the situation in kenwood has intensified. you are seeing smokes and the flames in the background there, billowing high into the air. at least hundreds of feet. we will keep an eye on this situation happening right now in kenwood. >> that is the nuns fire, 25% contained. cal fire is more optimistic about containing those fires. officiales from several agencies gave an update from santa rosa.
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so far today weather conditions are not hampering the fire fight. >> things feel good in our gut as firefighters. so we just need the weather to cooperate with us a little bit. red-flag warnings to stay away and we will, i feel very confident with all of the folks out there that are doing an outstanding job that we will get this thing knocked down f him. >> sonoma county sheriff, also praising pge crews for their speed in damaging electrical lines. that will enable people to return to their homes. >> you can't fight a fire on an empty stomach. geyserville fire protection district showed this picture of firefighters fuelling up with breakfast to before heading out to continue fighting the pocket fire. they appreciate everyone dropping off food donations at their firehouse. >> many people fleeing fires had pets and live stock to worry about. posting this photo on facebook, showing yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, a pony in the back of her car. she wrote when your sister-in-law, lauren, has to
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evacuate her pony from santa rosa but no transportation is available, you do what you got to do. >> and in accuweather today, tracking weather conditions that are favorable for those fighting those fires in the north bay and late this week tracking a chance of rain widespread across the region. live doppler 7 along with satellite, a quiet picture out there right now. the scene outside on the sunday evening a live look from our emeryville camera showing you from this vantage point we do have good visibility. air quality around oakland and san francisco has been improving and that trend will continue overcoming days. surface winds right now, certainly helping fire fighters in north bay. generally very light at this hour. less than 10 miles per hour across the north bay and we do expect those winds to remain on the light side. air quality overcoming days. next 48 hours in the north bay. we do expect air quality around the fires to remain poor. moderate elsewhere. you notice by thursday, air
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quality no matter where you live turns good. that coincides with a chance of showers working through our region. out there right now though, a very warm fall day. 70s and 80s for current numbers. this is some 10 to 15 degrees above normal. 79 in san francisco. 83 in san jose. so here is the call, overnight tonight, hazy skies, 40s and 50s for most of us. some spots in the north bay like santa rosa and clover dale will drop into mid and upper 30s overnight tonight. future tracker wind gusts will show you the next 24 hours, winds are rather calm. by 2:00 monday afternoon, you see winds are less than 10 miles per hour. tomorrow afternoon, a very similar temperature forecast on the way. a lot of 80s from the coast of the bay and inland, another warm day. 80 in san francisco and oakland. 88 san jose. 87, that number in santa rosa. then track the chance of rain late in the week. we rank our storms from 1 to 5
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to give you a better idea of what to expect. the system starting on thursday with higher humidity. best chance of rain fall over a quarter inch elsewhere with a trace to quarter of an inch. we track it out, showing you thursday morning, could have a few sprinkle hes. i think main event holds off until the second half of thursday and thursday night right now, and it looks like north bay will have the best chance going into early friday morning. we will keep you updated on that. accuweather forecast showing you light winds monday and into tuesday and continuing into wednesday. all eyes on thursday and friday where we he have rain moving into the forecast. and by saturday and sunday, sunshine returns but that all important rain forecast. highest amounts in the north bay. >> a lot of people looking for that. >> for sure. >> do you think we should stop and address the fact that someone is here with us? >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> thank you. we are happy to have her because this crew is just out of control. you have seen it before. >> i need to keep you all in
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line. so that's my job. >> you're tough. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> free-falling, losing fourth straight today, to the chargers. niners, despite another loss, may have found their future quarterb ♪ with the alaska airlines visa signature card you get a companion ticket every year. so why not take someone that you see all the time. someone like, i dunno, me? i mean i always spell your name right and put a little unicorn in your foam. no pressure but i really need to get out of here. they've been playing the same playlist for three months and i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to eat scones for dinner this many days in a row. mexico, hawaii, costa rica, i don't really know. i'm a quick packer. ♪
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raiders hoping that derek carr's back injury will end with the chargers in town. this is must-win territory if they want it make noise in post
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season. raiders haven't won a game in which carr has thrown multiple interceptions. carr with two on the day. he finished 21 of 30. 165 yards and this td pass from michael crabtree. 23 yards. 10-7 raiders at the half. to the fourth quarter. same score. rushing touchdown and short td reception from rivers. chargers go up 14-10. raiders respond right away. check out the speed. 47 yards to the house. oakland back on top, 16-14. pending extra point. high snap missing his first kick as a raider. chargers just need a field goal to win and they will get it. nick novak. raiders lose four straight. now 2-4. >> sunday, anything can happen. and us being in the situation, there's no turning back. we still have a lot of games it play and there's no help coming,
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the calvary is not coming, we are the calvary. we have to lean on each other. go in, make the corrections and be sure we can play on thursday. >> losing five straight by less than three points, as they fall 0-6 with two point loss to redskins. today in washington, finding their quarterback of the immediate future. grandfather bobby former super bowl winning gm with washington. and taking over second quarter. down 17. driving late. finds his college teammate for the 3 p 1-yard reception into washington territory. fourth and goal. two second left. carlos, niners down 17-7 at the half. third quarter, second rushing td of the game. now late fourth. curt cousins through for two touch downs. keep this one himself. seven yards. they go up 27-17. but niners are not done. just before the two-minute morning. 245 yards, first career td. 45 yards to robinson. niners down just two points.
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get the ball back but on fourth and 20 from midfield looking for a field goal, bether, needing first down, picked off instead. niners he down 26-24 at final. >> the game isn't too big for the guy. he comes in, doesn't hesitate, extremely tough. gave us spark. off schedule plays which is nice. >> i've been calling for c.j. all season. raiders becoming more disappointing every week. >> a s
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(dog panting) another 2am stroll, huh? i'm worried. i have this medical bill. dave, you have anthem, and they have people to talk to who are empowered to help answer any question you... (dog grunting, panting) is... is he okay? real people? living and breathing. hopefully not breathing like that. for all the things that keep you up at night, anthem blue cross has a solution.
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before we leave you, one last look at the fires. >> a look over sugar loaf state park. you see the fire still burning at an incredible pace. evacuation orders just lifted for skal calistoga, tanapa
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>> we will have live wildfire updates tonight on "world news," this just in. colin kaepernick strikes back. the quarterback taking legal action against the nfl. is he the victim of collusion after his decision to take a knee during the national anthem? time to strike. a critical moment in the desperate race to contain 15 large wildfires. can crews finally gain the upper hand in the deadliest wildfire outbreak california has ever seen? breaking news. armed and dangerous. the urgent manhunt after two inmates escape a missouri jail, one of them, an accused murderer. season of war. the president's former chief strategist vowing to take on gop leaders if they get in trump's way. and what the secretary of state said today when asked if he called the president a, qu


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